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The Ipad is the new foreman’s best friend!

The new eye of the site.

The time of walking around throughout the job site with the pockets full of plans and pencils of 20 different colors has now come to an end! The Apple’s Ipad, thanks to newly developed applications such as FinalCad © has shown itself to be the most convenient tool to follow the advancement of the site, access and navigate within the different plans, note defects….

With a very decent autonomy (close to 10 hours of batter) and an intuitive interface, Steve job has, without knowing it, really given a hand to foremen with this innovation.

I see you defect !

Among the many different advantages that this new system has brought, the main one is probably that of noting and dealing with the defects of delays that occur during the construction.

Indeed, before this new means, foremen had to manually, with pencils, paper plans and a note book, write down as precisely as possible every single observation they could notice. FinalCad allows to indicate on the plan were the defect or anomaly is located, write information about it, take a picture and at the end of the day, the information can be synchronized onto the computed and sent to the concerned companies. A dream- come-true for site managing! Moreover, this software gives much information about the project such as a percentage of advancement, the name of the companies working on site…

Only andvantages ?   

Even if many foremen seem to enjoy the use of the high-tech tool, some call it a useless gadget that only allows a loss of time and money.

Indeed, one could claim that introducing Ipads in the world of construction is only another effect of a general world-wide massive desire of modernizing everything even when it turns out to be useless of counterproductive. Moreover, the software is still not complete enough which often leads the foremen to going back to using paper, pens and tape to indicate the defects “in situ”.

Some functions such as general defects applying to many places, or adapting the preciseness of reservations to the advancement of the building are to be developed in order to make the system truly efficient.

But it must be noted that the software is still being upgraded with new functions little by little. Shortly, it is very likely that the use of the tablet will convert even the most reticent and old-fashion foremen.

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